3 Types Of Farm Insurance That Can Help Farmers Have Adequate Coverage

Farms are scattered all throughout the country. They vary in purpose and as such, there are different forms of farm insurance. These three are some of the most common and can help you protect your farm from possible complications.


If you live on the farm that you use for crops or livestock, then you want to protect the structure on your property. This type of farm insurance is referred to as dwelling insurance, and it works a lot like traditional home insurance.

Some issues you'll gain protection from with dwelling insurance include vandalism, storms, and fires, just to name a few. If you plan on getting this insurance, then make sure you get enough to cover the full value of your home. Then if it gets damaged in the future, your insurance will save you from having to pay for most of the costs.


A lot of people have farms because they grow and manage crops. It could be corn, cotton, or some type of wheat. If you have crops growing on your farm, then you need to protect them. If you don't, then you'll be out a bunch of money, and that can seriously affect your farm operations moving forward.

Crop insurance comes in two forms: multi-peril and hail insurance. The latter option covers just hail, while the former can protect you from paying for costs caused by things like fires, hail, floods, and insects. The multi-peril option covers more, but it does cost more to have on a per-month basis.


Another common purpose for having a bunch of farmland is to raise livestock. They are a valuable asset that you need to protect at all cost, which is possible if you buy livestock insurance from the beginning.

You can approach this type of insurance in a couple of ways. You can insure livestock on an individual basis, such as only insuring the livestock that is the most expensive. Or you can get blanket coverage that covers all of your livestock. It's recommended to talk to a farm insurance provider to help you decide which option is best long-term.

Owning a farm is a lot like owning a business. There are assets you need to protect, and you can do so with insurance. There are a lot of forms today, but if you think about your exact farming operations, you can choose a policy or policies that work for what you do. 

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