Ready To Start A Business With Your Upholstering Talents? Get Swatches And Get Started With These Tips

If you are great at sewing and reupholstering and you've decided you want to make a business out of it, there is a lot of money to be made doing so. There are some things to have so you can show clients what you do and help them pick out what they want.

You always must be prepared to show the high-quality work that you do. It can be easy to display projects at craft or vintage shows and with pictures. Here are some of the things to do to launch your business.

Get Before and After Pictures

Work on multiple pieces that you can use to show people the work you've been doing. Be sure that you have before and after photos, so people can see what you're capable of and the names of the swatches you used. This can also help them see furniture pieces that they have, or that they can find, in a different light.

Have Display Pieces

Trade shows, garage sales and other options to show people the work you do will be easy to find and have display pieces for people to see. This could be an upholstered dining room set of chairs, or even a sofa. This way people can see the quality and what the product may look like after it's done. Use materials you like to work with and show each customer what fabric you used on the swatch. 

Use Swatch Memos

People will want to see the different fabric possibilities so they can envision what they want, see it and feel it. Get the swatch memos in modern trends and popular fabrics and colors. Get memos from an affordable fabric company and then you can order with ease knowing they will have what you need.

Don't List Prices

It isn't easy to list the prices because not all products are the same. The job that you can do may vary based on:

  • Condition of wood frame
  • If padding or cushioning is needed
  • Labor working with different types of fabrics
  • Cost of different fabrics
  • Varying sizes of furniture pieces

Let everyone know in print and in person that you will look at the pieces that are in need of upholstery and go from there.

There are a lot of different things that you want to consider when you are starting an upholstery business, and these are tips to help you get started. Find a fabric company and start using their fabrics to make your example pieces, and get the swatch memos you need to show others what is available.

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