How To Choose The Best Custom Engraved Headstone To Memorialize Your Loved One

Choosing a headstone is one of the last things you get to do for your deceased loved one. The right headstone should memorialize your loved one well and reflect their unique personality. A custom engraved headstone business will be happy to work with you to design a headstone that is best for honoring the memory of your loved one.

Give it some time

The most common mistake people make when purchasing a custom engraved headstone for their loved one is rushing through the process shortly after their loved one is laid to rest. This is an emotional time when it can be difficult to make decisions due to the early stages of the grieving process when you may not be thinking clearly. Waiting for several months following the death of your loved one will give you time to grieve and adjust to the loss of your loved one before choosing a headstone.

Avoid overused wording

You want a headstone to be unique and reflect the personality of your loved one. Many headstones have the inscription that begins with the statement 'In loving memory of.' While there is nothing wrong with this, it may appear a bit common and may be better replaced with other wording that is creative and different than the norm.

Keep it concise

Good writing consists of short sentences that make an impact and choosing an inscription for your loved one's headstone is no different. Too many words can make the headstone look cluttered and busy, which can be a distraction. Focus on a specific trait you wish to highlight that reflects your loved one well.

Make it impactful

Artwork and inspirational quotes are two of the main things that set a headstone apart from others and is the best way to reflect who the memorialized person was. For instance, a nature-inspired scene, such as a mountain or beach might be best for one who enjoyed spending time in the woods or traveling to the ocean. A line from a favorite poem, song, or book may be perfect for a writer or one who enjoys reading or music.

Following a few tips will help you determine the style and type of headstone that will best reflect your deceased loved one's unique personality. A beautiful headstone is a lasting memorial to your loved one and will provide comfort to you and others who visit the place where your loved one is laid to rest. A business like Memorial  Art Monument has more information.

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