4 Tips For Ensuring Smooth Propane Delivery Throughout The Winter

When you rely on propane to heat your home and appliances, you will want to ensure the propane delivery company you work with can easily deliver the gas to your home to keep things running smoothly. You can take steps to ensure that they have a safe delivery experience throughout the winter and that you get the propane you need.

1. Schedule Deliveries Early

In the winter, most people who use propane for heat go through a lot of gas. You will want to keep track of your gas consumption and schedule deliveries before you are down to nothing. A lot of challenges can arise with gas deliveries in the winter when the weather takes a turn, so you are not going to want to schedule your deliveries too late if you are scheduling your deliveries.

2. Sign Up for Automated Deliveries

A better solution is to sign up for automated deliveries. You can install a device that measures how much propane you have and share that information with the propane company. The propane company will then use those readings, and your average consumption usage, to automatically schedule your deliveries. You will not have to worry about when to get gas; it will be delivered to you.

3. Don't Disconnect Your Primary Tank

If you are low on gas, you should never disconnect your primary tank and hook up a smaller tank to get by until you get more gas. Any time a large propane tank system is disconnected or completely runs out of gas, you will want to have a professional check the system to ensure that there are no leaks. An interruption in the gas supply can lead to leaks. That is why you should never hook up a smaller tank, as you risk a gas leak in your home.

4. Prepare Your Driveway

In the winter, you are going to want to prepare your space for the propane delivery. Propane delivery vehicles will not have the same turn radius and ability to maneuver as a passenger car or vehicle. They need more space to operate, so be sure that you clear away as much snow as possible from your driveway so they have the space they need to deliver your propane, back out, and drive away.

Apply slat or an ice melting solution to your drive. Focus on hills, which can be tough for the delivery truck to deal with. Also, focus on putting down salt where the truck typically parks, ensuring it is safe for the driver to get in and out of the truck. 

If you rely on propane for heat, consider signing up for propane gas delivery services this winter. Never disconnect your primary tank and attach a smaller tank as a backup; that could lead to harmful gas leaks. Always clear your driveway and create as much space as you can for the delivery truck.  

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