Things To Ask Your Asphalt Line Striping Contractor

Your commercial parking lot needs to have visible stripes to be in compliance with ADA regulations and municipal codes. However, over time, the stripes fade. When that happens, call an asphalt line striping company to restore the lines. Here are some things you may want to ask the contractor before they start work.

Whether You Can Change The Line Positions

When you have new line stripes put down, it's a good time to redesign your parking lot if you need to. However, if you choose to change the position of the lines, the line striping contractor might need to black out the old lines first even if you're going to have a sealcoat put on before the new lines are added. You don't want the old lines showing through and confusing your customers.

If You Should Get A Sealcoat First

Since a sealcoat and the stripes may need to be replaced about the same time, you may want to put them both on when one or the other needs to be replaced. The sealcoat goes on first, and when it's dry, the lines are added.

Your asphalt line striping contractor may or may not offer additional services such as sealcoating, so you may need to have that done first and then bring in the line striping contractor.

If You Need Changes To Comply With New ADA Rules

If you're having new lines put down over old ones, the contractor might use the old lines as a guide for the new lines. However, you want to make sure your old lines are still in compliance with any changes in ADA regulations.

An asphalt line striping contractor should be up-to-date with the latest regulations for the placement of handicap parking places and how the lines should be drawn. However, you may want to verify that your lot will be done in accordance with the latest rules.

Whether You Need To Close Off Your Entire Lot

A line striping contractor might work on a portion of your lot at a time so customers always have a place to park. If your lot is nearly always full, putting on new line stripes can be challenging. By working in sections and working during off or slow hours, your customers will be disrupted as little as possible.

If There Is A Good Time Of Year For Line Striping

Asphalt line striping is similar to applying paint to the asphalt. The temperature should be above freezing or the paint may not dry very fast or stick very well. That means the stripes may not last as long.

Winter isn't usually a good time to apply stripes unless you need to do it on an emergency basis because of an ADA violation. Instead, plan to have your asphalt line striping done in the spring, summer, or fall when the temperatures stay well above freezing. To learn more, contact an asphalt line striping service

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