Add Some Time Period Jewelry Items To Your Collection

If you didn't inherit sentimental pieces of jewelry from relatives or other sources, you may be inclined to shop around for some jewelry items that are similar to the ones you formally admired. An estate sale or an auction are two places where jewelry can be purchased, and you may be able to find pieces that are priced well below their market value.

A Valuation And Information About Other Items

Obtain the current value of the pieces that you will be searching for. You can attain a fairly accurate estimate if you know the size of the pearls, the year the strand was made, the size of any stones that were on a ring, or the production year and material types that pertain to a ring, for example

A jeweler who sells antique pieces or an auctioneer who sells estate jewelry on a frequent basis can provide some information about the pieces of interest. During your inquiry, research other types of jewelry that were popular during particular eras.

You may discover a brooch, a watch, or an earring style that will complement your wardrobe or that will pair nicely with jewelry that you already own. While at an estate sale or an auction, you can refer to the information you have obtained to determine if you will receive a good deal on a particular piece.

An Inspection And Price Fluctuations

An estate sale and an auction will operate differently, but both offer prices that may change. At an estate sale, you will likely be walking across the grounds or inside of a home where a person once enjoyed the items that are for sale.

Jewelry items may be tagged with a price. It isn't unheard of to be able to negotiate a price with the person who is selling a particular item. Before doing so, determine if any of the jewelry is similar to what you are looking for and request to use a jeweler's loupe to analyze the clarity and condition of a piece.

Keep both eyes open while using one of your eyes to peer through your loupe. Look at the prongs or metal settings that make up each piece, and be wary of any inconsistencies in gem quality, color, or shape.

While at an auction, you may not be able to touch each item of interest, but you will receive a thorough description of each piece that is presented. Be ready to bid on the pieces that you are willing to purchase and decide upon a cap limit, which will prevent you from overspending.

For more information about estate jewelry, contact a local seller.

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