FAQs From Those Considering Concealed Carry Classes

If you want to get a permit for concealed carry, you will first need to take a concealed carry class. Most people find these classes to be very educational and beneficial — not just something they are forced to sit through. However, you probably have a few questions on your mind as the start date for your concealed carry class approaches. Hopefully, you will find the answers below.

Do you need to have a gun prior to the class?

The answer to this question actually varies by state. However, if you were not asked whether you own a firearm when you registered for your concealed carry class, you can assume you're not required to have one; you would not have been permitted to register for the class otherwise. If your state does require that concealed carry class participants own their own firearms, you will be asked for proof of ownership before being allowed to register. 

What topics will be covered in the class?

Most concealed carry classes cover two main topics. The first is the laws surrounding concealed carry and how they apply to you. You will learn what you are and are not allowed to do as someone with a concealed carry permit. The second is on basic safety for carrying in a concealed manner. You'll learn how to safely conceal your gun, how to safely draw it, and so forth. You won't learn to shoot or get practice shooting in this class; it's a legality and safety class, not a tactical skills class.

Why is it so important to attend in person?

With more and more classes being offered online, you may wonder why concealed carry classes are still being offered in-person. There are a few reasons for this. For one, it is important that the organizations running the classes are able to verify your identity. They need to make sure that it's actually you taking the course; it's too easy to have someone else take the class for you online. Second, in-person classes allow the instructor to physically show you how to conceal your gun legally and safely. These are hands-on skills that are hard to teach via video. Some classes may have an online component and an in-person component; this setup is a good blend of convenience and utility.

Concealed carry classes are vital for anyone who plans on wearing a concealed weapon. Not only do these classes allow you to hold a concealed carry permit; they also teach you the skills needed to carry safely.

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