Determining if You Have Bacteria in Your Water

The thought of having bacteria in drinking water is scary for most individuals. Contaminated drinking water is not something that is heard of often. However, it can occur. Individuals who get their water through a municipal water supply may have less to worry about. This is because city water usually goes through a water treatment process prior to getting dispersed for usage. It is still a wise idea for everyone to know how to identify potentially contaminated water. Some savvy individuals may choose to use water treatment techniques in their homes to ensure that their water is safe regardless of the water source. The following points will help you to understand cues that indicate you may have bacteria in your water.


If you live in certain areas, your water can get contaminated from the environment. Living in an agricultural community could expose your water supply to runoff contaminants. These contaminants could enter the water supply and cause serious illnesses. Fertilizer is an example of a substance that could enter a water supply. Perhaps you live in a rural area and have a water well. You should routinely get your water tested, and water treatment, like that avaialble from companies like Olympic Springs Bottled Water, may be necessary to ensure the safety of the water. Water wells pose an issue because septic tanks can overflow and allow raw sewage to cause contamination. Bacteria can also grow in wells and contaminate water. These circumstances will make a water treatment solution a necessity for safety reasons. 

Smell and Color

Water should not have a foul odor. Sometimes water that has been treated with chlorine may smell like the chemical. Water should have a clear appearance. Sometimes minerals can cause water to have a change in color. This does not mean that the water is unsafe to drink. The concentration and type of mineral will determine the safety, which is why the water needs to be tested. Bacteria can exist in water and not exhibit a smell or obvious appearance. Under these conditions, you should be aware of you or your family members feeling ill. Unexplained diarrhea, headaches, fevers, nausea, and vomiting are signs of sickness from drinking contaminated water. A water test can detect these hidden bacteria. 

Water testing is the best way to determine whether you have unsafe drinking water. It is best not to take the chance of drinking potentially contaminated water even if neighbors or others in your community drink the same water and do not show signs of illness. The main water supply may not be the reason for your water contamination. You could have an issue that is related to your property, such as problems with the plumbing system.

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