Turn a Jewelry Making Hobby into a Business: Use Marine-Recovered Ocean Plastic Materials

If you have been making and selling jewelry and you want to choose ecologically-friendly products, there are different options you can purchase and try to see if they meet your style and product needs. Choosing such environmentally beneficial products can also attract more people to buy from you, too.

You can get the right materials without having to sacrifice the quality and styles for your pieces. Here are some options to start buying and using.

1. Recycled Yarn Materials

When you order the materials for the jewelry or bracelets, start with marine and coastal recovered plastic material yarn. This is a material that people feel great about wearing and buying because it's made of plastic taken out of the ocean and recycled for use. These come in a variety of colors just like other yarns while remaining durable and retaining high quality. Consider ordering in bulk to save on cost and so you don't run out when taking custom orders.

2. Environmentally-Conscious Beads

There are many bead materials you can get that are made of recycled or natural products that don't harm the environment. Materials to use include:

  • Recycled plastic
  • Vintage beads from old jewelry
  • Wood
  • Recycled metal

You can look in thrift stores, buy in bulk online, or find special bead makers to get the pieces you need in any of these materials.

3. Wrap Style and Button Clasps

If you make a wrap-style bracelet or anklet, you may not have to use clasps. Instead, you can loop a piece of thread around a button to keep the piece in place and secure it. You can also use organic leather bands and put the beading on it to make bracelets, depending on what style and size you want to make for your customers.

4. Express Your Passion for Eco-friendly Jewelry

When you advertise your pieces on your website or social media, you can let your followers know that you are using all reusable or recycled products for your jewelry pieces. If you are trying to launch a new line, you can put that for every piece sold you will donate a dollar or percentage to marine and coastal recovered plastic research and pickup. These strategies might help attract your ideal customer.

If you are trying to figure out new materials to use and you are turning your jewelry making hobby into a business, these are the products and supplies to get. Contact local craft suppliers to learn more.

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