3 Reasons You Might Like True Crime Stories

Donna Gentile, a runaway who turned to prostitution and was coerced into becoming a police criminal informant, was found brutally murdered in June of 1985. As the suspected victim of a police cover-up, Donna's life and murder is a compelling true crime story.

People are drawn to true crime stories for reasons that they may not be able to explain. If you like true crime stories, you are not alone. Learn more about why people read true crime so that you can more fully appreciate your desire to familiarize yourself with the Donna Gentile story.

1. True Crime Has an Evolutionary Benefit

True crime stories are enjoyable because of the evolutionary benefit these types of stories offer. Human beings have been programmed to pay attention to things that might harm them to better avoid these hazards in the future.

True crime stories reveal the hidden dangers that many people are not exposed to in the course of their daily life. By learning about what happened to Donna Gentile, you can avoid becoming a victim of similar circumstances yourself.

2. True Crime Is Puzzling

True crime is appealing because of the puzzling nature of many criminal acts. These stories offer the ability to stimulate the brain and solve complex puzzles involving motive, circumstance, and opportunity. The public's desire to play "armchair detective" is something that investigators have capitalized on in recent years. Unsolved cases are published in the hope that someone will come forward with a new lead or theory that could solve the case.

Since Donna Gentile's murder has never been solved, you can hone your puzzle-solving abilities as you become familiar with her case in an attempt to identify the individual(s) responsible for her death.

3. True Crime Creates Controlled Fear

Fear is an integral part of the human psyche. It ensures survival by guiding the fight or flight response to keep you safe and alive. Fascination with fear is evident in the many haunted attractions, ghost-hunting television shows, and other occult activities found in pop culture today. True crime stories offer a way for people to explore the dark side of humanity from the safety of their own homes.

Killers are to adults what monsters are to children: threats that induce fear and create an adrenaline rush. True crime is appealing to many people because the threat involved is very real, but you are never in any danger. 

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