Is Your Town Having Its Watertower Painted?

Are you part of a city planning team? If so, maybe you are on a committee that works on beautifying your town. The next project on your agenda might be to have the town's main water tower painted. 

You and the others on the city council or on the town's committee that focuses on beautifying your area probably decided that having your town's tower painted to add interest to the entrance of your town and to build town pride. After all, who wants to just look at a drab gray edifice? Read on for some ideas that might help you.

Consider Sponsoring A Contest - Maybe you want to involve your town's residents in what kind of design you should select for the tower. If you decide on that, think of establishing some rules. For example:

  • Contestants should submit their designs on a specific sized sheet of paper. You could even provide the paper along with sheets that will contain the contestant's name and contact information.
  • Obviously, the design should be in good taste, something that residents could be very proud to have as a symbol of their town. No designs with crude language, for instance, will be accepted.
  • Only residents of your town can qualify to enter the contest. Groups and individuals can enter a tower painting design.
  • Be sure to include a deadline for entries and put reminders out about two weeks before the designs are due. Put the reminder out again one week before the contest deadline.

Work With Tower Painting Services - Maybe you don't want to deal with everything that would be involved in having a tower design contest. If that's the case, go right to the professionals to get some ideas or to present what you have already come up with. For example, maybe your town's history is rich in the mining business. If so, the tower could depict a miner or even the name of the main mine. 

Maybe you have a specific design in mind, but you need the help of the tower painting service to fine-tune the design. For instance, maybe your only high school's mascot is a mustang horse. If so, it could be that you want a mustang as part of the water tower's design. The painting service might also suggest that you add the name of your town around the entire tower, blending the name of the town with the horse design. 

For more information, reach out to local tower painting services

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