Making A Questionnaire For A Secret Shopper Business Evaluation? Three Items You Should Consider Including

If you own a business, you may be curious to know how your employees act and treat customers when you are not around. Having a secret shopper business evaluation completed can be a great way to find out how your employees treat and interact with customers and clients. Every business has different rules and guidelines for their employees, so you may be required to put together your own checklist or questionnaire for secret shoppers to answer after secret shopping your business. Here are three items you should consider including on that questionnaire.

How Quickly an Employee Greeted and Offered to Help the Customer

When customers enter your store, you likely expect your employees to acknowledge the customer and offer to assist them with anything they may need. When you are trying to put together a questionnaire for secret shoppers who shopped your store, you may want to ask them how quickly an employee greeted them and if they offered to help the customer.

If the Employee Was Friendly and Knowledgeable

Secret shoppers pretend to be real customers. As such, they may ask your employees questions. You want to ensure that your employees are friendly and knowledgeable, so asking secret shoppers whether they felt your employees were friendly and answered the questions they were asked can give you insight into whether your employees may need more training or whether they can truly help customers with the products you carry.

Whether the Employee Followed Rules and Laws Regarding IDing Customers

There are a number of reasons why your employees may need to ask a customer for identification. A customer may be buying an age-restricted item or they may be using a credit card that says to check for I.D. A secret shopper evaluation form should ask whether your employees followed federal or state laws, or your own store rules, regarding asking customers for identification.

The way your employees treat customers has a huge impact on whether customers come back to your store, what types of feedback they leave on online review sites, and what they tell their family and friends about your business. Having a secret shopper business evaluation completed is one of the best ways to determine whether your employees are following the rules and guidelines that you expect from them when you are not around. Contact a secret shopper business evaluation service today to begin the process of having secret shoppers shop and evaluate your business.

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