4 Things You Need To Know About Purchasing Your First Handgun

When it comes to personal protection, a handgun is the type of gun you need. A handgun is designed for you to carry on your person and is designed to be easy enough for most adults to operate on their own. When it comes to shopping for a handgun, you want to purchase the right one for you.

Thing #1: Handguns Go by Many Names

The term handgun is the overarching term used to describe smaller guns that are designed to fit in your hand comfortably.

Revolvers, pistols, and semi-automatic pistols are all considered handguns. So, if you tell someone you want to purchase a handgun, and they start recommending their favorite revolver, remember you are talking about the same thing.

Thing #2: Know Why You Want A Handgun

Second, you need to know why you want a handgun.

How do you plan on storing and handling the gun? Are you planning on getting a concealed carry permit and carrying the gun on your person? Or are you planning on keeping the gun stored in a gun safe for home defense?

If you plan on carrying the gun on you, you need a gun that fits well with your body. If you plan on keeping it in a safe, you need a gun you can easily handle and use.

Thing #3: Know How You Plan on Using the Gun

How do you plan on using the gun? You can use the gun solely for home defense. You can use the gun to practice shooting at a gun range. Or you can use a handgun for competitive gun competitions. Or do you plan on using the gun for hunting? How you plan on using the gun will determine the size of the gun you need and the type of ammunition you need the gun to be able to carry.

Thing #4: Pay Attention to the Materials

When you purchase a handgun, you want to purchase a gun that is made of high-quality metals. There are currently lots of manufacturers making guns with cheaper metals that do not stand up to the same quality standards.

When you purchase a handgun, you want to purchase one from a manufacture with a record of creating quality guns, and the gun should be made from metals you are familiar with.

When it comes to purchasing a handgun, it is important to know that both revolvers and pistols are considered handguns. You need to know why you want the handgun and how you plan on using the gun.

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