2 Signs Your Water Well Pump's Air Bladder Is Leaking

When you use a well for your home's water source, the pump inside of the well ensures that water reaches your house when you need it. Within the pump, the air bladder helps to maintain water pressure, keeping the water flow steady as well as creating the ideal pressure within the pump itself.

However, if the air bladder leaks, the pressure changes drastically, which interrupts your water supply as well as causes potential damage to the pump itself. Keep a lookout for the following signs that your pump has a leaking air bladder.

1.  Faucets Spit Water, Especially When First Turned On

One of the first signs that you may notice when your water well pump has a leaking air bladder can be viewed when you turn on your faucets. Especially when you first turn the spigot, the water may spit out of the faucet for a few seconds before it yields a steady stream.

If the air bladder is leaking, two things can happen that attribute to the spitting water. First, since the bladder is deflated, the pressure within the well's tank decreases. This makes it difficult for the pump to strongly deliver water to the faucet initially.

Second, because the pressure interferes with the water pressure, air can get into the lines. When you see the water spitting, the air is being purged from the line.

2.  Clicking Noises Are Heard Whenever You Use Water in the House

Another sign that the pump's air bladder is leaking is when you start hearing clicking noises whenever you use water in your house. To detect this sign, you would need to turn on a faucet in your house while someone else stands near the well and listens.

When you hear clicking noises, the bladder is leaking air, which causes the plastic sides of the casing to hit together. The sounds can also indicate that the decreased pressure is putting a strain on the pump's motor, causing it to work harder than it normally does.

If you notice the signs above, the air bladder inside of the well pump is probably leaking. Since an air bladder is crucial to the operation of the pump, a leak can cause problems not only for your home's water flow, but also for the health of the motor that is adversely affected and could cause the imminent failure of the pump. If you notice these signs, contact a business that deals with residential water well pumps to discuss your options for having a new one installed.

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