3 Home-Based Businesses You Can Start With Little Investment

Having your own business can require a significant monetary investment, which is not always feasible for the average person. Fortunately, there are some home-based businesses you can start with little more than a computer and internet connection.

Drop Shipping

If you want to have your own store or be a third-party seller on popular retailers, a challenge you may face is the money, time, and effort involved in storing and shipping items. Drop shipping is the easiest way to sell items without having to maintain inventory or ship items to consumers. When you drop ship items, you purchase inventory that is stored and maintained by a third-party. After an order comes in, the third-party packs and ships the item to the consumer. Some drop shippers have items shipped from international warehouses, or they might purchase a large quantity of items and repackage them to send to a local warehouse for shipping. The latter can cut down on transit time and gives the drop shipper an opportunity to inspect the items before they go to a local warehouse.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular types of businesses because you only need a website to start. Typically, affiliate marketers will look at major retailers or third-parties to find out if they have an affiliate program and use this information to decide what types of products they want to market. Part of finding a niche involves doing keyword research to determine which keywords and related products have a high search volume, but low competitiveness.

Based on this information, you can create a website around the products you want to market. For example, someone may want to market cat supplies and create a website that includes relevant information about taking care of cats. They would include affiliate links recommending different cat toys, food, and litter. Whenever someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, they receive a percentage of the sale.


If you enjoy social media, being an influencer might be the right home-based business for you. Most influencers start by consistently posting videos on YouTube, but an increasing number of influencers primarily use Instagram or other social media platforms. Although being an influencer seems competitive, one of the advantages of social media is a single person can follow or watch an infinite number of people, so there is less direct competition.

Depending on the platform you choose, part of your business income will come from ad revenue. To generate more ad revenue, you need to create a platform where people not only view your content, but engage with you on the platform. Many influencers create a community around their brand to increase engagement.

Starting a home-based business can seem difficult, but there are plenty of opportunities. Many people started successful businesses with few supplies and upfront financial investment.

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