A Blade Sign Could Be Perfect For Drawing Shoppers From The Sidewalk In Front Of Your Store

If your shop is nestled in a row of buildings near a sidewalk that gets a lot of foot traffic, then blade signage might be ideal for drawing in business. This type of sign mounts on your building so it is perpendicular to your storefront. Here are some things to know about using a blade sign for your shop.

Blades Make It Easy For Customers To Find You

You'll want other signage for your shop too, but blade signs make it easy for people to notice your shop who might otherwise just walk right past your door. Blades face foot traffic on the sidewalk as people approach your shop, so they can't miss your store. Plus, the text can be read on both sides.

Local Regulations Apply To Placement

The company you hire to make your signage can help you comply with local regulations for a blade, but you'll want to understand the codes yourself so you can ensure you're in compliance when it comes to things like size and distance from the ground signage has to be mounted. You might also have to comply with regulations on the style you can use if buildings have to have a uniform appearance.

Lights Make Your Sign Easily Visible

Lights make your blade easier to see from far away, and the lights also draw attention from people on the sidewalk and in cars. You have many options for lights. You could have LED lights, neon tubes, or you might even hang a sign under a spotlight.

Blades Have Custom Shapes

A nice thing about a blade sign is that it can come in many shapes rather than a traditional square or rectangular shape. You might want a shape of an arrow, barrel, star, or an animal. In addition to a unique shape that fits your company's purpose, you can also have custom colors, pictures, and text. This allows you to create an artsy or professional image for your business.

Options Are Available For Materials And Placement

This type of signage is made from different materials, such as plastic, aluminum, wood, and fabric. The sign company considers the weight of the finished blade and where it will be mounted when helping you choose the right material to make it from so it won't be too heavy or endanger anyone walking under it.

You also have a few options for where you can mount a blade sign, however, mounting it directly to your building is often the best choice unless you have a pole close to your building that can be used. The important thing is to have the sign near your entrance so shoppers can find your door.

For more information about signs, contact a sign company.

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